Oh, my friends! We understand that one lifetime is insufficient to enjoy all of the anime available on Crunchyroll. But who wants to waste their best years watching stupid commercials?

The majority of these advertisements promote Crunchyroll as well as their selection of shows. However, it is also true that almost no other streaming website would interrupt the videos so frequently to show ads!

To be more specific, there are four placeholders for ads within any Crunchyroll video:

  • One pre-roll (15 seconds);
  • Four ads at the start of the episode (30 seconds each); 
  • Four mid-rolls (30 seconds each); 
  • Four post-rolls (30 seconds each) (15, 30, 30 and 20 seconds).

Oh, and you can’t skip Crunchyroll ads — you have to watch them all.

With a total run time of 6 minutes per 24-minute video, these ads take up about a half-hour of your time per four episodes. To put it another way, every fifth episode of your favourite show is just pure advertising, broken up into short but annoying interruptions.

So, how do you use Crunchyroll without any advertisements?


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  • Using a Guest Pass to Watch Free Anime Episodes
  • How to Acquire a Guest Pass
  • Using Browser Extensions, You Can Watch Crunchyroll Without Ads
  • Modify the Hosts File to Avoid In-Stream Ads
  • Try Using a Different Browser
  • How to Watch Crunchyroll for Free Without Ads
  • How to Remove Crunchyroll Ads Making Use of AdLock
  • Ads should be removed. Using the Crunchyroll Website’s AdLock
  • How to Get Rid of Ads in the Crunchyroll App

Crunchyroll in the year 2021

Crunchyroll’s advertisements are all related to anime. Which may not sound too bad to most people, but not to true anime fans. Those looking for the best Japanese animation don’t like such advertisements for one simple reason: they contain spoilers. The most interesting plot twists, some key points of the entire journey lasting several seasons, can be shown directly at the beginning of the show, and they do.

You expose yourself to the false ad targeting that Crunchyroll is notorious for if you do not use any content blocking solutions. So brace yourself for commercials for erectile dysfunction pills or menopause medication. Sure, we can see typical anime fans queuing for that stuff already (not).

Crunchyroll Ad-Free with Premium Memberships

The Crunchyroll Premium subscription is the most heavily promoted product in the service’s advertisements. There are currently two options available:

  • Fan is $6.99 per month
  • Mega Fan is $9.99 per month.

You can get unlimited access to the entire anime library and watch it without interruptions with the Fan plan. The Mega Fan plan expands your benefits to include simultaneous streaming on four devices as well as offline viewing. You can also save money by becoming a Mega Fan for the entire year — $99.99 per year.

Using a Guest Pass to Watch Free Anime Episodes

But before you yell “shut up and take my money,” remember that you can try the ad-free version without paying first by using a Guest Pass. Although Crunchyroll does not make much of an effort to publicise it, this Premium user benefit allows them to receive a monthly code that serves as an invitation ticket for their friends. With Guest Pass, you can try out all of the premium plan’s features for 48 hours free of charge and obligation.

Of course, Game Passes have limitations. There is a limit of 10 Passes per six months, so don’t expect to create a free account and use 48-hour tickets one after the other. The Crunchyroll system is also attempting to prevent users from creating multiple accounts and taking advantage of the Game Pass incentive.

How do I obtain a Guest Pass?

Megathread for Reddit’s Weekly Guests

Crunchyroll users congregate at all times, so their subreddit is worth following. Every Thursday, premium users share their Guest Passes there, but you have to be quick if you want to get one before everyone else.

Crunchyroll Discussion Forum

The same thing is happening in the Crunchyroll forum’s official Guest Pass thread, and the admins appear to be fine with users sharing their codes. With a little patience, you should be able to find a working passcode in the regularly updated thread.


As previously stated, Crunchyroll users tend to band together, including on Facebook. There are dozens of larger and smaller anime fan groups on Facebook; simply try to contact their members. Anime fans don’t leave each other in the lurch, and they frequently post their passcodes right in the middle of a public discussion.

While it may appear to be a generosity parade from the platform developers, Crunchyroll views their Guest Pass programme as a courtesy rather than an obligation. Fans and Mega Fans frequently criticise the incentive for being unreliable, as they do not always receive passcodes for several months. Crunchyroll sees no problem with this:

“Guest Passes are a courtesy, not a guaranteed component of the Premium offering, and are not currently supported.” We’re debating whether or not to keep offering them as a service. We regret that we are unable to provide backlogged passes. If you want to share Crunchyroll Premium Membership with a friend for two days every now and then, please contact us using the link below with the friend’s username or login email, and we can set them up.” (Source)

Using Browser Extensions, You Can Watch Crunchyroll Without Ads

Many ad blocking browser extensions guarantee that users will be able to block Crunchyroll ads for free. However, such assurances must frequently be viewed with scepticism. In order to keep their advertising budgets, the platform is constantly developing new technologies that can circumvent ad blockers. There are numerous threads online discussing how the most popular ad blockers lose or regain their power against disobedient anime ads.

Having said that, it is fair to say that the majority of the top-10 ad blockers are quite untrustworthy when it comes to watching Crunchyroll without ads on a regular basis. On the other hand, there are a plethora of no-name extensions scattered throughout the Chrome Store that are ostensibly designed solely to block Crunchyroll ads. Typically, those with extremely low ratings and few reviews indicate that the quality of their anti-ad filters is questionable. It is not forbidden to try them out, but as Crunchyroll admins wisely point out on the forum, you never know who is in charge of their servers and how they will act if they have access to your account, personal data, and payment methods.

However, there is one exceptional exception to this rule. Because its Crunchyroll-specific filters are constantly updated and maintained, the AdLock extension for Google Chrome can easily block Crunchyroll ads. Simply launch the AdLock browser extension in Chrome, ensure that the “Show ads on this page” toggle is turned off, and play an episode to see how all the annoying repetitive ads have vanished! AdLock never sells data to third parties, so you can be confident that no one will interfere with your personal information, and using the extension is so simple that it’s almost seamless. AdLock confidently wins the nomination for the best Crunchyroll ad blocker available.

Modify the Hosts File to Avoid In-Stream Ads

Do you want to go through the trouble of making changes? Okay. Crunchyroll routes ads through static.vrv.co, so users can outplay and outsmart the platform ad scripts by modifying the hosts file. How? Here’s how to do it:

  • Close the browser window;
  • Locate the Notepad programme by clicking the Windows button.
  • Notepad should be run as an administrator.
  • Click File, then Open in Notepad.
  • Change the format of the sought files from Text Docs to All Files in the dialogue box;
  • Navigate to your computer’s “hosts files” directory (typically C:windows system32 drivers etc);
  • Navigate to the “hosts” directory;
  • Now, at the end of the # strings, add a new line (without a # sign) and paste this:
  • static.vrv.co
  • Save the file and restart your browser to see if Crunchyroll is still displaying advertisements.

Try Using a Different Browser

It’s always a good idea to switch to another browser and another ad blocker/ad blocking extension to avoid ads. You can always find a good replacement for what you’re currently using. To be sure, Brave and Tor did well with all ads on the Internet. In addition to ad blocking, these two provide adequate privacy protection when browsing the web, so if you haven’t tried them yet, do so!

How to Remove Ads from Crunchyroll Using AdLock

It’s simple: there is no other tool that can block Crunchyroll ads as effectively as AdLock. You simply need to select the correct version of the best ad blocker for the device you’re using to access Crunchyroll, and here’s how.

Remove Ads from the Crunchyroll Website Using AdLock

Download AdLock for Windows and install it on your computer. You have the option of taking advantage of a 14-day free trial (without even entering your credit card or personal information) or proceeding directly to the full-scale 1-year subscription. After the installation is complete, launch AdLock, update the filters, and sit back and enjoy your favourite anime. AdLock provides all-around protection because it works systemwide, which means it already includes all browsers and Internet-powered apps. Simply update your web browser to the most recent version and watch as all Crunchyroll ads on Windows vanish.

How to Get Rid of Ads in the Crunchyroll App

You can disable ads on your Android device with the AdLock free trial or 1-year multi-device paid plan. Simply download the AdLock Android app and follow the simple installation instructions. You are now only two steps away from being able to remove ads from the Crunchyroll app:

Refresh your filters.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the app and select Check updates. On the following screen, select UPDATE ALL.

Turn on HTTPS filtering.

Navigate to the AdLocker tab and turn on this filtering feature. Tap OK in the pop-up window. You will then be prompted to create a graphic key to confirm your ownership for all future actions.

Done! You can now watch your favourite shows without interruptions on both the Crunchyroll website and the mobile app.

For the past few months, users all over the internet have complained about AdBlock not working on Crunchyroll. Other ad-blocking extensions, including uBlock Origin, encountered the same issue. Crunchyroll appears to apply new anti-adblocker algorithms on a regular basis, as Reddit user u/Silverlight64 reported no difficulties viewing content on other websites such as Twitch and YouTube.

What are the outcomes? AdLock is an ad-blocking service that tries to anticipate upcoming anti-ad-blocking updates. Crunchyroll is now ad-free.


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