The Devil’s Cap is the least important part of Lords Mobile – until you need it, that is. When you need it, you’ll go insane trying to get it.

Read my guide to find out everything there is to know about the Devil’s Cap!

  • What exactly is the Devil’s Cap?
  • Requirements for the Devil’s Cap
  • How to Obtain a Devil’s Cap
  • When Is it Appropriate to Use the Devil’s Cap?
  • Who Needs Several Devil’s Caps?
  • Techniques and Hints

What exactly is the Devil’s Cap?

The Devil’s Cap is a mushroom that you can “gift” to your kidnapped leader. It will allow him to die in 24 hours. The Devil’s Cap will allow you to avoid having to wait for the leader to respawn for an extended period of time.

“But does that kill your leader?” the dumb players inquire.

That’s the point, moron. When your leader dies, you can spawn a new leader and resume normal operations. As long as your leader is captured, you will be in a state of limbo, unable to do much. The sooner your leader returns, the sooner you can begin to recover.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to what to do if your leader is apprehended.

If you’re a serious player, the Devil’s Cap is one of the most important backup tools you can have. No rally leader or large castle should fight without at least one ready to use.

If you don’t already have a Devil’s Cap (and your P2P), go out and get one RIGHT NOW! Moron!

Requirements for the Devil’s Cap

Before you go out and buy your Devil’s Cap, there are a few things you should know.

First and foremost, and this is crucial, do not use your Devil’s Cap right away. Allow a few hours. See the list below. I will go into detail about why.

Following the waiting period, there are a few more requirements:

  1. Your leader has been apprehended. (Of course).
  2. you must have completed Castle Level 17. (In which case, the leader will return within 24 hours) 
  3. If there are at least 24 hours before the execution. (Again, this is self-evident.)

How to Obtain a Devil’s Cap

Now for the bad news. There is only one way to obtain a Devil Cap. This is real money. Yes, IGG makes it difficult not to spend your hard-earned money!

If you want a Devil’s Cap, you must purchase it from the Lords Mobile Store.

There’s more bad news. The Devil’s Cap Pack is almost always out of stock. It rotates through the store every two weeks or so…

In short, you’re either extremely lucky and the $5 Devil’s Cap Pack happens to be active at the time you lose your leader, or you’re stuck waiting until your leader dies…

Regrettably, there are no other options!

When Is it Appropriate to Use the Devil’s Cap?

As previously stated, DO NOT USE THE DEVIL’S CAP IMMEDIATELY. Allow a few hours.

Devil’s Caps are rare and expensive. They do, however, require you to wait a minimum of 24 hours. You will not be able to shorten the time-line once you have used the Devil’s Cap.

A much better strategy is to first observe what happens to your adversary. Your adversary is most likely on his way to amass more enemies as he goes on a killing spree. If you and your guild are unable to fight back, perhaps the next castle will…

Just sit back and watch! Don’t do anything. (I’m sure you’re skilled at this!)

In the meantime, employ the techniques discussed in this article.

Unless you have an event that starts in 24 hours, just relax and wait. Why? That’s an excellent question. Most fighting players will go on a killing spree and then move on. My advice is to wait and see if the enemy has been hit, is shielding himself after his killing spree, or is staging a rally.

Who Needs Several Devil’s Caps?

The Devil’s Cap, like the migration scrolls, will require the top 50 players in the kingdom to pay a higher price for their power. To free his leader, the player in the Kingdom with the most Devil Caps will have to use 20 Devil Caps. That’s one hundred dollars.

The good news is that regular players will only need to purchase one Devil’s Cap.

Position in KingdomHow Many Devil Caps?
1st in Kingdom20 Devil’s Cap
2nd in Kingdom15 Devil’s Cap
3rd in Kingdom12 Devil’s Cap
4th in Kingdom10 Devil’s Cap
5th in Kingdom9 Devil’s Cap
6th in Kingdom8 Devil’s Cap
7th in Kingdom7 Devil’s Cap
8 – 10th in Kingdom6 Devil’s Cap
11 – 20th in Kingdom5 Devil’s Cap
21 – 30th in Kingdom4 Devil’s Cap
31 – 40th in Kingdom3 Devil’s Cap
41 – 50th in Kingdom2 Devil’s Cap
Everyone Else in Kingdom1 Devil Cap

Techniques and Hints

In my article about losing your hero, I go into great detail about how to reclaim it. I’m not going through this again. Go over there and take a look.

Here are some pointers on how to free your hero or enable him to free himself as soon as possible.

  • Purchase a Devil’s Cap ahead of time. All serious players should have at least one on hand.
  • This should be mentioned. Learn how to have fun. You’ll be much less likely to get zeroed if you learn how the game works.
  • Hops, Max Huey Familiar. Fair warning: this is bloody difficult. But if you manage to pull it off. The final skill allows you to activate an option that will free your hero if it has been captured for more than 30 minutes. IGG’s decision was highly divisive. Maybe I’ll write a separate article about it.
  • Send an email to the captor and inquire about his plans for your hero. He might tell you if you’ve been nice. This will greatly assist you in deciding whether or not to kill your hero with the Devil’s Cap.


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