TikTok videos can be sped up to add a creative flair to your content, but what if you want to speed up a video that isn’t yours?

You can use an online video editor to speed up or slow down someone else’s TikTok video to improve the viewing experience and make additional edits. Take your improved video and stitch it to another or save it to your device to watch later. TikTok also provides creators with tools for speeding up videos filmed or uploaded in the app. I’ll go over both options so you’re prepared for any situation. Let’s get this party started!

How to Accelerate Videos on TikTok

Let’s start with TikTok videos that have been sped up. You’ll be making eye-catching, fast-motion videos with your phone in no time.

  1. Tap the + tab in TikTok on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Tap speed and select 2x or 3x, then press the red button to start recording. If you want to speed up a previously recorded video, tap the upload and speed icons above the video layer.
  3. Next, tap to watch your video in fast motion.

To make your TikTok video stand out and attract likes and views, you can add filters, effects, sounds, and text. You can find popular sounds on the discover page, and if none of them appeal to you, try creating your own TikTok sound. When you’re finished editing, tap Next, and then post your video to TikTok.

How to Increase the Speed of Any TikTok Video

TikTok currently does not allow you to speed up videos that belong to someone else. You must watch the video at normal speed once it begins. Even a slight increase in speed can enhance your viewing experience or add a fun twist to a video. You can use Kapwing to speed up any TikTok video in a few simple steps. Let’s get started with the tutorial.

Step 1: Launch the Change Video Speed Tool.

Begin by going to Kapwing, then selecting tools, and then clicking the change video speed tool. Kapwing is a free browser-based video editor that can be accessed from any iPhone, Android device, tablet, or PC. I’m using my laptop for this tutorial, and the best browser to use is Chrome.

Step 2: Copy and paste a TikTok video link.

Copy and paste a TikTok video link. Yes, any TikTok video, even those with download disabled. When you paste the link, you will be directed to Kapwing Studio. If you sign up for a free account, this user-friendly tool allows creators to edit media online and store projects in the cloud for two days.

Step 3: Quicken the process.

To speed up the TikTok video, tap the plus sign next to speed. You can choose 1.15x for a subtle boost, 2x to double the speed, or even 4x for a super-fast TikTok video. In this example, I doubled the speed by increasing it to 2x. You can use the split tool to speed up specific parts of the TikTok video and detach the audio if you want the video to play at a normal speed. To create a separate audio layer, right-click and select detach audio.

Step 4: Export and Download

Click export video, then download, to save the video to your device. You can remove the watermark by signing up for a free Kapwing account. You’re ready to go!

Thank you for following along, and please return for more tutorials. Keep up with the latest TikTok trends by subscribing to our YouTube channel and following us on Twitter.


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