Cloud storage has grown in popularity in our daily lives. Cheap and fast internet access has increased cloud storage usage as more people prefer to store data in the cloud. Nonetheless, nothing is easy or flawless about storing data locally, except that we may occasionally run out of space due to a large amount of junk.

Storage should not be an issue with Chrome OS because most modern Chromebooks come with plenty of internal storage. However, in a fast-paced world where smartphones and tablets can now support up to 8 K videos, things may not work as expected and take up a lot of space. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete files on a Chromebook.

On a Chromebook, how do you find, open, and delete files?

If you’re new to the Chrome OS world, then follow the steps below to navigate the OS Files app and eventually delete the files.

  1. Select the Launcher from the bottom left corner of your screen (white round icon).
  2. To access the app drawer, swipe up on the arrow.
  3. Files should be opened. Which will primarily be a blue folder icon.
  4. Choose where your file is saved using the Files app’s various categories for organised file management.
  • Select Recent to view files that you’ve recently opened.
  • Select Image, Video, or Audio to see a list of files organised by type.
  • Select My files > Play files for Android app files.
  • To see more folders, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, then More, then Show all Play folders.
  • Files will show you the files that are stored in your cloud. Choose a folder, such as Google Drive, for this. You can also add an additional cloud file system.

Once you’ve figured out how to navigate the Files. You should now be able to delete files from the Files app.

  • Choose the file or folder to be deleted.
  • Select the delete icon.
  • From the resulting pop-up menu, select DELETE.
  • You can delete files from your Downloads folder, but doing so is permanent.

Please keep in mind that files in the Recent, Images, Videos, and Audio folders are read-only and cannot be deleted directly from those folders.

The Chromebook Files app is a powerful file management tool.

Aside from deleting files, it also allows you to zip, unzip, and perform other advanced operations on them. Other features will be covered in a later tutorial.


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