What precisely is Easy Anti-Cheat and why is it on my computer?


Some video games will install services that are required to play them. Users may not see the choice for specific services when installing games.Many multiplayer games these days require the Easy Anti-Cheat to prevent cheats. Some users, however, may be wondering what Easy anti cheat is and why it was installed on their computer without their knowledge.Others are simply interested in learning more about this service. This essay will go over the Easy Anti-Cheat that is routinely used these days.

What exactly is Easy Anti-Cheat?

Kamu’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EasyAntiCheat.exe) is a cheating prevention application that prevents users from cheating in online multiplayer video games. It allows people to enjoy their favourite games the way they were supposed to be enjoyed. For over a decade, their team has been developing anti-malware solutions. The Easy Anti-Cheat was first introduced in 2006, although the software’s integration parts on both the client and server sides are updated and upgraded on a regular basis.

This is similar to the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) software produced by Valve as part of the Steam platform. Client-side anti-cheat applications basically look for a specific blacklisted code in a game process on your PC. The server-side anti-cheat will execute on the game server rather than the end user’s machine.

If an unknown software or code is found, the anti-cheat will first prevent the user from playing the game. Second, based on the rules, it will prohibit the user’s account for a set period of time.

When does the EasyAntiCheat.exe process run?

The Easy Anti Cheat

Which Games Make Use of Simple Anti-Cheat?

The Easy Anti-Cheat is becoming increasingly popular in today’s online games. It is utilised as an anti-cheating feature in a number of popular games.Most players are likely to have seen it for the first time in Fortnite. However, the number of games that implement the Easy Anti-Cheat is growing. Apex Legends, 7 Days to Die, Fall Guys, Far Cry 5, Fortnite, Rust, and a plethora of other popular games are all accessible. The list of games is available on their official website.

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.exe process, which can be found in Task Manager, will only run in tandem with the games that require it. This is triggered anytime a user launches a multiplayer game that requires this anti-cheat. An Easy Anti-Cheat window may appear before the game starts. It will always be operating in the background as long as the game is active. When the game is closed, this will likewise be shut down.

Is it possible to uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat?

When you install the game that requires Easy Anti-Cheat, Easy Anti-Cheat will be installed on your computer. When a user uninstalls the game, the Easy Anti-Cheat utility is likewise uninstalled. There is no opportunity to install or uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat during game installation.

You can, however, uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat manually by utilising the Easyanticheat Service Setup.The executable setup file is located in the game folder. We’ll show you how to use the Easy Anti-Cheat for Fortnite game to illustrate this.The file can be found in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat

Please keep in mind that your drive may differ based on where you placed the game on your system.

When you double-click the Easy Anti Cheat Setup .exe file, the setup window will display. By selecting the Uninstall option, Easy Anti-Cheat can be deleted from the system. This, however, will prevent you from participating in the multiplayer game that requires it. When you launch most games, you will be prompted by UAC (User Account Control) to reinstall Easy anti cheat in order to play the game.

Using the same setup, you can also repair and install Easy Anti-Cheat. The Repair Service button will become available once Easy anti cheat has been installed on your machine. The Install Easy Anti-Cheat button will become available after you uninstall it or if it is already missing from your system.

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