On Discord, how do you quote someone?


Discord’s lack of the option to cite someone is somewhat disappointing, especially when compared to Slack and other professional messaging apps that offer such a capability.

Of course, we must recognise that Discord was never intended to be used as a platform for work or business, and that it was created with gamers in mind. As a result, the requirement to quote is minimised. Although it’s convenient to be able to quote someone, which not only makes it easy to respond to what they’ve said, but also makes it easier to underline important points during a conversation.

This article was made because we, like you, were upset by the lack of ability to quote other messages, and we love Discord enough to utilise it as our primary team chat programme. As a result, after considerable research and trial-and-error, we believe the methods below are the closest to achieving the ability to quote other Discord messages.

You can browse through the tutorial and test out each of the options to discover which one is the most convenient for you to start a quote.

Let’s get started without further ado.


  • Block Quotes in Use (Newly Introduced)
  • To quote someone on Discord, use code blocks.
  • Making Use Of A Quote Bot (Advanced)

3 Ways to Quote Someone on Discord

1. Making Use of Block Quotes (Newly Introduced)

Block Quotes, a new markdown chat structure provided by Discord, effectively mimics the capability of quoting someone on Discord.

  • It’s very easy to get started! > or >>> followed by a space is the syntax for using Block Quotes. > at the start of a line of text creates a single-line block quote. If you wish to quote someone’s message, for example, copy and paste their message as > Going to McDonald’s, does anyone want anything? Then, below it, write your response. It’s a little more time consuming and requires more effort, but it’s currently the greatest solution for quoting on Discord.
  • >>> creates a multi-line block quote when used at the start of a line of text. The quote will include all of the text from >>> until the conclusion of the message. If you wish to quote many lines from someone’s message, for example, you’ll need to copy-paste their message as demonstrated below:

2. On Discord, use code blocks to quote someone.

Users had to rely on the Code Blocks functionality to imitate the ability to quote messages before Discord enabled Block Quotes. This procedure is still effective, and it provides an alternative if you wish to try it. It’s incredibly simple to make a code block because all you have to do is enclose your content in a single backtick (‘) or three backticks (“‘).

  • (‘) A single back tick at the start and end of a sentence can be used to format a single line into a code block. If you want to cite the phrase “One line code blocks are neat,” for example, write it as “One line code blocks are neat.”

Multiple lines can be formatted into a code block by using a triple back tick at the beginning and end of a sentence. For instance, this haiku given by Discord demonstrates how to cite it using a multi line code block.

Whether you use code blocks or block quotes is entirely up to you, though we prefer the latter. Try it out and see which one seems the most natural to you.

3. Making Use Of A Quote Bot (Advanced).

We discovered a number of Github projects that helped give Discord with a complete quotation capability suite.

To make this work, you’ll need some experience downloading and installing Github projects.

The following are the two projects that received the most contributions:

  1. Citador by nirewen – Quickly quote messages on Discord with a single click.
  2. Deivedux/Quote is the most feature-rich and easy-to-use message quotation tool you’ll ever use.

Although you don’t need both to quote other Discord messages, we encourage that you test them both out and see which one you prefer. Citador is a more easy application that accomplishes quotation by the use of a simple button. It does, however, need you to use BetterDiscord, a distinct custom Discord client. Keep in mind that using custom clients may violate Discord’s TOS, so be cautious.

Quote is a more feature-rich and comprehensive self-bot. Depending on whatever option you choose, you can deploy the projects using the documentation provided on the Github pages.

We hope that this article has helped you understand how to quote someone on Discord in a clear and simple manner. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we would be happy to assist you.


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