Fix: Some of your Spotify data was not successfully migrated.


The problem ‘Spotify failed to migrate part of your data’ is caused by registry flaws or a defective installation, preventing your data from being transferred from one account to another. Music is extremely important in today’s world, and there is just one solution if you try to think of the best music streaming apps right now. Apart from SoundCloud, Spotify is undoubtedly the best music streaming software on the market right now.

This issue may appear when you register a new Spotify account and attempt to migrate your data, such as playlists and songs, from your old account to the new one.This was a problem that Spotify engineers didn’t have a solution for at the time, but after some time passed, a viable solution was found. As a result, we’ve come up with solutions that will undoubtedly solve your problem.

What went wrong when Spotify tried to migrate some of your data but couldn’t?

The inaccuracy is uncommon, but it is a stumbling block nonetheless. Registry mistakes can cause it, but they aren’t the only cause.

  •  This issue can appear when there are mistakes in your Spotify Windows registry.
  • Installed incorrectly. If you had a bad installation, such as a power loss during installation or something else, this could be the cause.

You only have two alternatives for resolving your problem:

Solution 1: Uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify

As previously said, one of the causes of this error is a bad installation that may have left traces in the system files that are interfering with your process; therefore, reinstalling the Spotify application may be a viable solution. To remove Spotify,

  1.  hit Winkey + X, then go to the top of the list and select ‘Apps and Features.’
  2. Look for Spotify there.
  1. Some of you might get two results, in which case you’ll have to uninstall both.
  2. After you’ve uninstalled Spotify, you may reinstall it through the Spotify website or the Windows 10 Store.
  3. Install Spotify on your computer.

Log in to your account once you’ve reinstalled Spotify and see whether the error still appears. If that’s the case, move on to the next option.

2nd option: Getting Rid of Spotify’s Registry Entry

The other and final option for resolving this problem is to erase the Spotify item from the Windows registry. If your problem persists after reinstalling Spotify, it is most likely due to a prior Spotify entry remaining in the Windows registry. In this case, you’ll need to erase the item as well as a few folders from your system files (related to Spotify of course).To accomplish this, follow the instructions below:

PRO TIP: If your computer, laptop, or notebook is having problems, run Restoro Repair to scan the repositories and repair any corrupt or missing files. This strategy works in the vast majority of cases when the problem is caused by a system flaw.

  1. First and foremost, exit Task Manager and terminate any Spotify processes.
  2. After that, delete the Spotify folders from the following locations:


3. Delete the Spotify folder from



4. After eliminating the directories, follow the steps in solution 1 to remove Spotify for Windows.

5. It’s now time to remove the uninstalled Spotify key from the registry. To open Run, press Winkey + R and put in ‘Regedit’.

6. Paste the following address into the Registry Editor’s address bar.


7. Remove the entry for Spotify from the registry.

8. Restart your computer and reinstall Spotify.

If you followed the procedures above correctly, your problem should be solved.

TIP: If none of the above methods have worked, we recommend utilizing the Restro Repair Tool, which can check repositories and repair corrupt and missing data. This works in the great majority of cases where a system issue is to blame. Restro will also maximize the performance of your system.


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