Enabling the NVidia FPS Counter is simple and takes less than a minute.


There are a variety of ways to display the FPS in your PC game, but in this post, we’ll only look at the NVidia FPS Counter, which comes preinstalled with the GeForce Experience software. You must have an NVidia graphics card and GeForce Experience installed on your computer to use the NVidia FPS Counter.

Before I show you how to enable the FPS Counter, I strongly advise you to obtain the most recent NVidia graphics card drivers. This is something you can accomplish right from the Ge Force Experience app. Follow the procedures below after you’ve installed the latest drivers.

Open the GeForce Experience Software in the first step.

Locate the Ge force experience software shortcut, right-click it, and select execute as administrator.

Step 2: Go to the Settings menu.

Look for General Settings and choose it, then select In-Game Overlay and select the settings button.

Step 3: Change the HUD Layout

You should now be able to see a list with a variety of alternatives. HUD Layout may be found by searching for it and clicking on it.

Step 4: Enable the Frames Per Second Counter

You should now be able to view the FPS Counter option. Click on it, and four boxes should appear on the right side. The position of the Nvidia FPS Counter on your screen is shown by these boxes.

Select the proper place for your FPS Counter on the screen, then click back and depart.

That is all there is to it. On your computer, you’ve just enabled the NVidia FPS Counter overlay. When you start playing your favourite game, the FPS Counter should appear on your screen in the position that you previously selected. If your frame rate is poor, you might want to check out my Windows 10 debloat guide, which will help you boost your frame rate.


How can I turn off the NVidia FPS Counter?

1. Launch the Geforce Experience Software from the NVidia website.

2. Select General Settings -> IN-GAME OVERLAY -> Settings from the drop-down menu.

3. Select HUD Layout from the drop-down menu.

4. Disable the FPS Counter.

Is NVidia FPS Counter the most accurate FPS counter on the market?

The NVidia FPS Counter isn’t the best way to see how many frames per second you’re getting.

I followed your instructions to the letter, but I still don’t have an FPS counter. Help??

Restart your game if necessary. A game that was running while you updated the parameters will not be affected.

In some games, the NVidia FPS Counter may not appear.

It is possible that the NVidia FPS Counter will not appear in all games. To remedy this, go to the NVidia control panel’s “Manage 3D Settings” area and add the game’s main executable file.


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