What Should You Do With The Broken Handgun And Model Shotgun From Resident Evil 7?


Although Resident Evil 7 isn’t primarily a combat game, you’ll face enough terrifying enemies and maniacal bosses that having some extra firepower won’t hurt. That’s when the broken shotgun and handgun come into play. RE7, it turns out, has two broken weapons and, not surprisingly, two weapon repair kits.

You’ll be rewarded with a pistol and shotgun that are both more powerful than their basic counterparts: the M 19 handgun and the M 21 shotgun, if you can repair both shattered weaponry. The issue is, where do you get all of these items, and how quickly can you fix the guns? To discover out, go ahead and click the link.

Handgun Is Broken

The broken handgun is the first item you’ll come across, and it’s in the trailer in the backyard, just outside the “dog head” door. Simply enter the room, head left toward the supply container, and examine the bed. Isn’t it simple?

The Initial Repair Kit

Because the first weapon repair kit is close, you can nearly immediately repair the broken handgun once you have it. You’ll be facing the house when you walk back out of the trailer. A piece of metal siding can be pulled back directly between the two short staircases that lead up to the porch. Doing so will reveal the first repair kit, which you may use to repair the broken gun right away.

Shotgun Is Broken

Repairing a broken shotgun is much more complicated. When you initially walk inside the Baker mansion’s Main Hall, you’ll discover a little room on your right with a shotgun-wielding statue. Unfortunately, the door behind you slams shut as you pick up the shotgun.

Once you get the Scorpion Key, you must take the broken shotgun from Grandma’s Room on the second level in order to get the functioning shotgun. Back downstairs, swap the broken shotgun for the working shotgun, and you’re good to go. But…

Shotgun Model

You’ll want the broken shotgun back later in the game so you may fix it with the second kit. You must retrieve the model shotgun from the attic above the Kid’s Room on the second level of the Baker manor in order to reclaim the damaged shotgun.

To enter the room, you’ll need the Snake Key, but once you’re inside, look to your right and check out the desk light. The attic ladder will be activated as a result of this action. Climb the ladder, turn right around the railing, and proceed to the back corner. The model shotgun can be found on a shelf.

Return to the room with the statue once you’ve obtained the model shotgun and switch the model shotgun for the shattered shotgun, exactly like you did earlier in the game.

Repair Kit No. 2

You only need one more item now: the other repair kit. You can locate a photograph that will lead you to the kit, but whether you find the photo or not, the kit will be in the same area.

You’ll go through a linear succession of rooms when you first enter Lucas’s funhouse (also known as Testing Area 2F) after opening the gate with the blue and red key cards. You’ll discover a cage with a mannequin head on top of it in the third chamber. Examine the fake head to discover the genuine second repair kit.

You can now return to the trailer, retrieve the broken shotgun from the storage container (provided you don’t already have the broken shotgun), and assemble a powerful double-barrel shotgun. Enjoy!


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