Is There a GTS for Pokemon Sword & Shield?


In many aspects, Pokemon Sword and Shield is similar to past games, but Game Freak has toyed with and changed a few things that players have grown accustomed to, as they do every generation. If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably wondering if there is a GTS in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Let us clear that up for you.

Pokemon Sword and Shield GTS

So, for those who don’t know or don’t remember, the GTS stood for Global Trade System, and it was a menu or even a physical area where players could trade with other players from all over the world since Gen 4.

You could put Pokemon up for trade and leave them there until you find another Pokemon to trade for. You could also make mystery deals, where you toss up a Pokemon and trade with someone else right away, not knowing what you’ll get.

It was useful for filling out your Pokedex, however as of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the feature is no longer available. Trading is still possible in Sword and Shield, but it differs significantly from the GTS system.

You can enter a new screen by clicking the Y button shortly after the game begins, which allows you to request trades with other players and have matchmaking run in the background while you play.

It’s still possible to wheel and deal, but it’s not as simple as setting it and forgetting it and having it trade for you. You’ll have to strike a bargain in real time.

Simply press the Plus button when you first enter the Y-Comm to connect to the internet; otherwise, you’ll be limited to going through these options locally.

Does Pokemon Sword and Shield have a GTS?


Quick link battles can also be done with the Y-Comm, although ranked battles are located under the VS option in the Menu.

There are benefits to the new system, but the GTS system worked well as well, and it’s strange that Game Freak decided to eliminate it.

In any case, maybe this answers your question about whether the GTS is there in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The GTS is no longer active, but the Y-Comm?

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