How to Restart a Plex Server in Ten Easy Steps


Plex Media Server is well-known for its consistent and spontaneous user activity. Plex Server can be restarted through the website by regular players. The website organises numerous duties such as remote access, media optimization, library sharing with flocks, and so on. As a result, you may be shocked to learn how to restart the Plex Server. Don’t be concerned! The storey will be told to you by us.

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  • In 10 Easy Steps, Restart Your Plex Server:
  • Restarting Plex Media Server on a Synology NAS is as follows:
  • Plex Media Server on Storage Reset Method:

In 10 Easy Steps, You Can Restart Your Plex Server:

No such thing as a Restart Button exists.The player typically exits the programme and restarts from the beginning. The Plex Media Server, however, cannot be restarted from the control interface. The procedure for restarting your computer is dependent on the operating system you are running.

  1. To handle the restart operation, go to the Web-Based GUI portal.
  2. Open your computer’s macOS or Windows operating system.
  3. Plex can be found in the macOS menu or the Windows tray.
  4. Select Exit to safely close the Plex Server.
  5. The programme can be launched via a shortcut from the Dock or the Start button.
  6. Using the command, you may start, restart, and stop your Plex Server.
  7. On Linux and FreeBSD-like platforms, the commanding service is accessible.
  8. Run sudo service plexmediaserver to get started.
  9. Type sudo plexmediaserver stop to stop the server.
  10. Type sudo service plexmediaserver restart to restart the server.

Restarting Plex Media Server on a Synology NAS is as follows:

Meanwhile, you’re storing your appliances on the Plex Media Server. For example, to restart Plex Server on a Synology NAS, look for the symbol on the dashboard. The Synology NAS user in this example utilises Package Manager on the equipment. It allows the user to restart the Plex Server via Synology NAS using the Action Menu for a single package.

Plex Media Server on Storage Reset Method

There are numerous storage devices. Work within the confines of the graphical user interface. NIX- is a well-known brand of appliances. In the Synology Panel, the user may frequently create jobs. Users use the Task Scheduler built into the Appliances to control functions like start, restart, and stop sequences in the Panel. Meanwhile, the restart button’s riddle has been answered. And now you know how to restart Plex Server without using the restart button.

Use of the Plex Media Server:

In the meanwhile, the Plex Server can be used for anything. One thing you may have noticed is that Plex Server lacks a reset button. As a result, users must issue commands at the command line using the program’s script. By command script, the user instructs the Plex Server to start, restart, and stop from the macOS and Windows system menus. The only option to restart the Plex Server without shutting off the PC is to use scripting.

Ascertain that you are not at home and that the Plex media is not accidentally turned off. You might make a comeback as a result of the scenario. Because it turns off your server, you’ll have to log back in to reconnect. You have a good understanding of how to restart Plex Server.


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