How to Disable G-Sync


While G-Sync is a fantastic display technology with numerous advantages when it comes to improving your graphics, it can occasionally create stutters, lags, and motion blurs in gamers with older or weaker graphics cards.

Whatever your reason, I’ll show you how to switch off G-Sync in this quick guide. In addition, I’ll show you how to make sure your G-Sync is truly disabled and not merely turned off for the time being.

G-Sync Disabled: A Step-by-Step Guide

G-Sync is a display technology that is exclusively compatible with Nvidia hardware, so the only method to truly disable it is through Nvidia. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Select “Nvidia Control Panel” from the menu by right-clicking on your desktop.
  2. Next to Display, click the “+” sign.
  3. Setting up G-SYNC is the option.
  4. Check the box next to Enable G-SYNC and uncheck it.

That’s all there is to it. That is how you may disable G-Sync. It literally only takes ten seconds. Follow the steps given below . To be certain that your G-Sync is truly switched off, make sure it is turned on in the first place.So, let me show you how to double-check it for yourself.

How to Make Sure G-Sync Is Turned Off

To make sure G-Sync isn’t running in the background of your game, go to the Nvidia Control Panel menu bar and select Show Indicator for G-Sync from the Display menu. The indication will show on your screen to indicate whether or not G-Sync is active.

If the problem persists, repeat the instructions above to disable the G-Sync display technology.

When G-Sync is turned on, what effects does it have?

You might not notice a difference when you enable G-Sync because your visuals are already rather decent. This is why many people look for a way to check if their G-Sync is turned on.

However, if you have a powerful GPU and enable G-Sync, you will notice enhanced and smoother graphics, especially while playing shooters that require a lot of crisp and quick motions.

What Happens When It’s Turned Off?

When G-Sync is turned off, your GPU will perform normally, without needing to strive to be compatible with or work with the G-Sync technology to improve your gaming experience.

This means you won’t notice a difference in your graphics or experience any negative side effects as a result of adopting the technology.

Why Would People Disable G-Sync?

Nvidia created G-Sync to aid gamers and casual users combat screen tearing, jittering, and input lag, as well as give a better graphics experience, even while using one of the top gaming displays. These appear to be excellent advantages for a gamer, as every second and frame counts when playing FPS games in particular.

However, some users claim that this incredible experience is only available to gamers with a high-end graphics card. Many G-Sync users with lower-end systems, on the other hand, complain that their gaming experience has deteriorated due to increased input delay, lag, stuttering, and other issues, which is why they want to know how to turn off G-Sync.


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