What Is Goku’s Height? The Top 10 Most Powerful Z-Fighters, Ordered by Height


From Krillin to Piccolo, here are the ten most powerful Z-Fighters from the DragonBall universe, listed by height.

The bigger they are in Dragon Ball, the bigger they are. In Akira Toriyama’s passionately crafter universe, size doesn’t seem to be proportional to strength or battle prowess. Some of the most powerful beings in the DragonBall universe are considerably shorter than typical. Frieza, one of the franchise’s most famous antagonists, is just 5’2″ “158 cm / However, you have to acknowledge that his screen presence was massive.

To put it another way, in Dragon Ball, height doesn’t really matter. Still, as is customary in any tournament or professional fight, the competitors are sized up. After all, with their imposing size and physical presence, it’s their first weapon: inspiring dread in their opponent. As a result, we’ve come to see which of Earth’s Z-Fighters has the first advantage in a conflict.


CHIAOTZU – 4’6″/138 cm.

Given his short stature, Chaiotzu doesn’t appear to be much of a physical fighter, yet as one of the Z-Fighters’ founding members, he still manages to outperform expectations on occasion. Chiaotzu’s height remained that of a child, yet his abilities more than compensate for his diminutive frame.

In truth, Chiaotzu is one of the most dedicated fighters in the Z-Fighters’ informal collective, regularly training with Tien Shinhan in preparation for competitions and battles. Regardless, Chiaotzu’s psychic abilities are formidable, and he has even demonstrated that he can temporarily stop or slow a fully grown Goku in Dragon Ball Super.

KRILLIN – 5’0″/153 cm.

Krillin is a noteworthy figure in Dragon Ball because he is one of the most famous characters for dying and resurrecting too many times. Krillin isn’t as tall or as strong as the other Z-Fighter members, but he illustrates that a little extra hard work and devotion can level the playing field. He’s proven time and time again that he’s capable of preventing intergalactic threats, even if it means putting his life on the line.

Krillin is not only one of the Z-Fighters’ fiercest members, but he can also accomplish things that only Saiyans can, such as levitation and throwing energy beams. This is even more incredible given that Krillin is one of the most pure human beings among the Z-Fighters. Despite this, he managed to outperform the other species in his collective in terms of physical strength.

VEGETA – 5’5″/164 cm.

Vegeta IV is a royal Saiyan who has become a close friend of the Z-Fighters after initially posing as their enemy in the Dragon Ball franchise. Vegeta is the polar opposite of Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise. With that considered, Vegeta isn’t particularly imposing as a fighter, standing only 5’5″ tall “or 164 centimetres He is, nonetheless, well-built and can readily compete with Goku.

He is, however, weaker than Frieza, who destroyed his homeworld and subjugated his Saiyan species with ease. Despite the rocky beginnings, Vegeta has proven that he has always been a kind guy and a significant member of the Z-Fighters. The strength he brings to the Z-Fighters team is undeniable, and his loss would be felt.

 7 YAJIROBE – 5’5″ “165 cm in length.

Yajirobe is that strange character you forgot about because he didn’t say much and didn’t have a strong presence. Yajirobe, despite his unkempt look, is an honourable man who was formerly a samurai who became a ronin, or masterless, and ended up travelling on his own.

Yajirobe is a loner who loves his own company and is frequently harsh to others. Yajirobe, on the other hand, is unfailingly dependable when it comes to delivering the Dragon Team’s desperately needed Senzu Beans. He also works out with them on occasion in preparation for competitions. Yajirobe’s assistance has saved their lives numerous times, despite the fact that he is not an active member of the Z-Fighters.

TRUNKS – 5’7″/170 cm.

Okay, here it goes: Goku, also known as Kakarot, the main character of the Dragon Ball franchise, is a typical man’s height. If he lives in the United States, at least he’s of average height.

Goku is without a doubt the most valuable member of the Z-Fighters team. His entrance usually serves as a coup de grace, sending the big terrible villains to their deaths or fleeing back to whence they came from. Of course, Goku is one of the Z-Fighters’ founding members and thus deserves special care.

GOHAN – 5’9″/176 cm.

Both as an adult and as a child, Gohan is a carbon copy of Goku. The only difference is that Gohan is about a centimetre taller than his father. This is meaningless, though, because Gohan’s membership in the Z-Fighters is a given. Much of Gohan’s responsibility as Goku’s spiritual heir rests on his shoulders as Goku’s oldest son.

He became that, and Goku would have been proud of him. In reality, in the absence of his father, Gohan has proven to be a capable Z-Fighter. Furthermore, Gohan would continue to advance the Saiyan race and produce more Z-Fighters in the future. Despite having a similar look to Goku, Gohan is more intellectual and prefers to unleash his Saiyan abilities only when absolutely required.

YAMCHA – 6’0″/183 cm.

like Krillin,Yamcha, is one of the Z-Fighters’ purest human members, and he has been a part of the Dragon Ball franchise since the beginning. Unfortunately, his humanity led to his early departure from the franchise, as he was swiftly outperformed and outgunned by his colleagues, including Krillin.

Despite this, Yamcha has made significant contributions to Earth and the Z-Fighters. His retirement from competing alongside Goku and his teammates did not prevent him from encountering threats and invasions aimed at Earth, especially when Goku and several of the Z-Fighters’ mainliners were unavailable.

2 TIEN SHINHAN – 6’2″/187 cm.

Tien Shinhan didn’t have his best moment, and he didn’t get the attention he deserved until the Cell saga, when he held Cell on his own and used his life energy for a special strike. This manoeuvre effectively rescues the entire planet. Following that, Tien has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not to be underestimated.

In Dragon Ball Super, he was even brave enough to face and fight Beerus. Tien, like Krillin and many of the Z-Fighters’ founding members, has evolved from the cold and brutal fighter he once was to a noble hero who would lay down his life several times to save his teammates and the Earth.

PICCOLO – 7’5″/226 cm.

Piccolo, a direct descendent of the vicious ruler King who vowed to destroy Goku, joins the lengthy list of adversaries who Goku turned into friends. Piccolo gradually outgrew his violent tendencies and learned to reason, becoming Goku’s comrade and occasionally assisting the Z-Fighters while the Saiyan was away.

Overall, Piccolo has always been one of Goku’s most dependable pals, and he never disappoints in the show. Piccolo sometimes acts as a protector to Gohan and even trains Goku’s kid mentally and physically when he is not assisting Goku. You can’t go wrong with a Namek buddy and uncle.


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