Mirro Shaz shrine in Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide


The Mirro Shaz shrine is found in the Woodland tower area of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

We’ll show you where to find the Mirro Shaz shrine and how to solve the Tempered Power stasis puzzle within to get your chest and spirit orb in this BOTW guide.


The Mirro Shaz shrine is found in the Woodland Tower region of northern Hyrule. Look across Pico Pond to see the shrine once you’ve found the Woodland Stable. You can fast travel to Woodland Tower and search south if you haven’t spotted the stable yet. To get to the shrine, fly south from the tower to the stable, then turn left. You can make it in a single glide if you have enough stamina. (The exact position can be found in the gallery above.)


  1. To go to an elevator, walk forward and right along the balcony.
  2. Take the elevator to the bottom level of the temple.
  3. Return your attention to the orb on the pedestal, which is surrounded by a crystal to the right (which you can touch to summon another orb) and a treasure chest to the left.
  4. To get the Iron Sledgehammer, open the chest.
  5. Face the orb directly in the face, as if you’re looking out over a body of water, then use stasis to hold it in place.
  6. While the ball is frozen in place, hit it five times with your sledgehammer to launch it out over the lake.
  7. If you were aiming straight ahead, the orb should land in a basin, raising a barrier to your left so you can move on to the next area.
  8. Apply stasis to the square block that sits at the bottom of a wooden beam.
  9. Hit the block multiple times to propel it upward, knocking a slab into a bridge that you can utilise to reach a higher ledge.
  10. Mirro Shaz will be found ahead. Head around to the left of his walled area before meeting him to locate a hidden hallway that leads to another elevator.
  11. Take the elevator to a secret chamber.
  12. To get another Iron Sledgehammer, open the chest to the left.
  13. Return to your right and face the metal orb directly, so you’re looking out over a different body of water with a distant platform.
  14. On the metal orb, use stasis.
  15. Hit it five times with your Iron Sledgehammer while the rune’s influence is active, then swap to a single-handed weapon and hit it once more before the rune’s power disappears.
  16. If you did everything correctly, a gate will open to your left, and you’ll be able to open the chest to get the Giant Ancient Core.
  17. Return to the exit area, where you’ll meet Mirro Shaz and receive your spirit orb.


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