Kiwami Yakuza Majima Locations Throughout the Game: Majima Locations are detailed throughout the game.


Majima Everywhere is a feature in Yakuza Kiwami that does exactly what it says on the tin: it sprinkles a tiny amount of Majima throughout the game. That’s all there is. It’s a fun side activity to do, but you’ll need to know Majima’s location at each stage of the quest to get the most out of it – and Things start to get a little more difficult at this point.

Majima’s appearances in Majima Everywhere are incredibly random, thus the locations we’ll provide on this page should be taken as generic and you’ll find them useful nonetheless.As a guideline only: 

The Majima Everywhere Side Story begins.

To begin the Majima, click here. Simply play through Yakuza Kiwami’s story until the ball stops moving. you reach Chapter 2. After that, the eyepatch-wearing troublemaker will appear in your business at irregular intervals.

Some of Majima’s appearances are linked to story progression in Yakuza Kiwami’s main objective and sub stories, while others occur at random locations throughout the game world.

He’ll want to battle every time you meet him, and if you defeat him, you’ll get improvements to your Dragon of Dojima ability.

 Majima Everywhere – Ranks, Key Events, and Majima Locations

The Majima Everywhere gauge is closely linked to your Dragon of Dojima ability set, and you’ll need to slay Majima often to fill it up. Once the gauge is full, you’ll need to experience important rank-up events in order to advance further. Playing through the story will grant you every rank up to Rank F, but after that, things start to get a little difficult.


Majima will appear as a police officer in front of the Millenium Tower. If you approach Majima, he will pat you down and search your belongings for weapons. You’ll want to go find or purchase a weapon and equip it. He’ll provoke a fight if he pats you down while you’re holding a weapon. To get the F Rank, you must beat him up.


Majima will be hidden in enormous traffic pylons in numerous spots in this rank. Once in the Hotel District’s northern reaches, he can be found twice on Nakamichi Street. Majima will come out and the fight will begin once you notice his enormous red traffic pylon. Once you see it, study it.


This one is a little easier to understand than Rank E. Once the Majima Everywhere gauge is full, a text will appear on your phone instructing you to meet a hostess in one of the nearby clubs once you enter—surprise! Majima has arrived, and you will have to face him once more.

Rank C 

You will only meet Majima on Senryo Avenue after receiving a phone call instructing you to do so. You’ll have to fight Majima (and a handful of his thugs) a few times to rank up in this one.


You’ll need to go to one of the town’s batting cages and play a round by yourself for this. Majima will appear after you’ve done that, and you’ll know what to do at that time.

A+ grade

To earn that prestigious A rating, you’ll have to face Majima on the most dangerous battlefield of all: the dance floor. Return to Deborah’s club, where you’ll have to fight Majima once more.

Note:that Ranks S, SS, and SSS are also available, but we have yet to fully unlock them. That information will be added to this section of the handbook as soon as possible.

Majima Finding

Apart from the rank-up events, Majima will appear in a variety of ways throughout the game. You should be aware of these as a means of locating him and replenishing your Majima Everywhere gauge, as well as to ensure that you’re constantly prepared.

Majima appeared out of nowhere.

These meetings are the most unpredictable of all. Majima will emerge from beneath manhole covers, hide in trash cans, attack you as you depart a building, or surprise you from behind. More Suddenly Majima events will open as you advance and rank up the Majima Everywhere gauge. Majima, for example, appears in traffic pylons at random after Rank E.

Majima is not to be overlooked.

In some cases, Majima will join you in a combat that you’re already in. When you’re out and about and come across random foes, they’ll assault you right away. If the goons initiate a brief conversation with you, you can usually assume Majima will intercede.

Majima Encounters at Random

Majima will approach you at various times throughout the game, just like any other random thug on the street. There’s nothing that causes these, and they’re probably the most common type of encounter. Keep an eye out for him at all times.

Majima Encounters for Pleasure

When you least expect it, you’ll be competing with Majima here. There are obviously many side activities in Yakuza Kiwami, such as bowling. Majima will occasionally appear and challenge you to play against him when you’re out trying to participate in these activities.

Additional encounters will be added to this guide as they are discovered.

The point of Majima Point Everywhere is  that he’s never far away, no matter what you’re doing in the game, and the variety of ways you might run into him is incredible. Make sure you have healing items on hand to cope with him, especially on the more severe difficulties.


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