How to level up quickly and farm metal slimes in Dragon Quest 11


If you’ve gotten this far in Dragon Quest 11, you’ve probably hit a wall and need to grind.The best ways to level up rapidly can be found here.

Farming metal slimes is the quickest way to level up quickly in Dragon Quest 11. There are several distinct sorts, and they appear in battle at random, but there are some spots where you can boost your odds of discovering them.

First, we’ll examine the various sorts of metal slime that exist, as well as how much XP they provide when slain. We’ll also go through techniques, locations, and prizes, among other things.

Metal slimes of all kinds can be found almost anywhere, but you’ll have a better chance if you go to these locations. This isn’t an exhaustive list of metal slime varieties, but these are the greatest locations for each stage of the game.

Metal Slime places in Dragon Quest 11

1st Act

  • The Champs Sauvage Metal Slime and Insula Orientalis – 2,010 XP
  • Insula Orientalis, Royal Library, and The Champs Sauvage – 10,050 XP Liquid Metal Slime

2nd Act

  • Laguna di Gondola and Mount Huji: Tough Hands (34,400 XP)
  • 70,070 XP in Metal King Slime: The Battleground

3rd Act

  • The Cruel Crypt, Vicious Liquid Metal Slime: The Disciple’s Trial – 80,640 XP
  • Vicious Metal King Slime: Citadel of Spite,The Luminary’s Trial – 161,610 XP

How to Farm Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest 11

Not only do metal slimes appear at random, but they also have a tendency to flee. You can’t make them go away, and occasionally you’ll be unlucky and they’ll flee before you can react, but there are several things you can do to improve your odds.

To begin, modify your lineup to include Erik, Hendrick, and Jade at the outset of a battle. Erik and Jade are both quick, and they usually receive their turns before most enemies. Furthermore, they can both unlock skills that offer them an advantage against metal slimes.

They not only like to flee battles, but they also have a strong defence. Frequently, your assaults will only do 1 damage or will totally miss. You can kill any metal slime king in one hit with Erik’s high-cost Critical Claim ability, which can be found in the Guile section of his character builder. Keep Erik’s MP up to date and save it for metal slimes when you’re out farming.

Jade also possesses a few metal slime-friendly skills. Another critical strike, Lightning Thrust, can wipe out a metal slime in a single hit, but there’s a risk she’ll miss. Multi Thrust is another valuable slime farming talent in Act 1, as it may quickly dispatch low-level enemies slimes. The Spears portion of her character builder is based on both of these abilities.

Metal Slash is another useful skill for low-level Metal Slimes. In the Swords part of their character builders, Erik, Sylvando, and Hendrik can learn this. Any talent that allows you to hit the enemy several times, such as dual wielding or using claws, performs well early on.

You can also use Rab’s pep power Dirge of Dundrasil to put metal slimes to sleep, as pointed out by user Drew. Even against metal creatures, it ensures you at least one free move. Increasing Jade’s Charm to maximum can also improve your chances of a quick triumph.

Electro Light Pep technique in Dragon Quest 11

There’s also a way to summon metal slimes, which, if done right, can boost your characters’ levels by two or three levels in a single fight, even near the finish. Electro Light is a Pep ability that summons metal slime kinds to replace foes on the battlefield. Unfortunately, you’ll need to energise the Hero, Jade, and Sylvando at the same time.

Playing with all three is the simplest method to accomplish this. Put them on standby whenever they become energised, and they will stay energised. Repeat until all three are energised, and you’re ready to go. Now all you have to do is apply the techniques described in the previous section to eliminate them all before they flee.


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